Tramadol Hcl: Awesome Medication – Tramadol

Tramadol Hcl: Awesome Medication – Tramadol


Tramadol Hcl: Awesome Medication - Tramadol

«Kayfovo»medicine – tramadol Pharmacy scandal. Kazakhstan pharmacies sell highly addictive drugs. They act like drugs. One of u

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Pharmacy scandal. Kazakhstan pharmacies sell highly addictive drugs. They act like drugs. One of these drugs in Russia was included in the list of hard drugs. We let him go without a prescription.

For several months, Oleg bought the same medicine in this pharmacy. This painkiller helped him get a drug buzz.

– Give me an adult Naphthyzinum and one tramadol.

The medicine is available without a prescription. The land near the pharmacy is literally littered with packages.

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– Won one package. Same as we bought.

If you take five or more tablets at a time, the sensations are similar to the effects of heroin. When Oleg decided to quit, he began to break. Only one week, he lost 16 pounds. To feel normal again, I began to take the medicine again, increasing the dose to 40 tablets a day.


– Then I understood tramadol hcl :, that I can no longer tramadol hcl :, the body will not survive, and I have very little left, if that goes further tramadol hcl :. When I used these pills, I went to the pharmacy, they were sold without a prescription, no questions like analgin. I saw a lot of times that guys were buying – younger than me, older, even guys – 16-18 years old.

In the narcologic dispensary with tramadol well familiar. It is structurally similar to the drug – morphine, explains doctor Vladimir Pilsky. There are a lot of such drugs on the market: pain killers, and some even cough. In Kazakhstan, they do not refer to drugs.


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– If a person drank 1 pill – he has a headache – he perfectly relieves a headache. But if you take 10 tablets, you will get a feeling of intoxication. Therefore, all drugs can not be banned. But, in my tramadol hcl: a look, I would attribute hystadol, tramadol to prescription drugs, to be taken into account. Because in recent times the abuse of this particular group has become more frequent.

In Russia, 5 years ago, all (forms) of this group included drugs in the list of potent drugs. They were forbidden to sell in ordinary pharmacies. Because they are addictive, cracking, changes in the human brain, destroys the liver.


– It’s a pity to see the guys ruining themselves. The boys, not realizing, in pursuit of cheap pleasure, destroy themselves. Therefore, I decided to tell. In the hope that maybe the sale of this drug will stop.

Aynur Uspanova

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