Tramadol Hcl 50 Mg: Tramadol and opioid withdrawal syndrome

Tramadol Hcl 50 Mg: Tramadol and opioid withdrawal syndrome


Tramadol Hcl 50 Mg: Tramadol and opioid withdrawal syndrome

Tramadol and opioid withdrawal syndrome

It is known that pain in the structure of opioid withdrawal syndrome

differs in severity, and therefore requires effective therapy. Its main

Intensive pains in skeletal muscles, pains in joints,

abdominal pains of a spastic nature, less often – pains of other localization


In order to relieve pain in the Ukrainian drug practice

Various antispasmodics and analgesics are widely used. Among the last all

opioid analgesic tramadol, which is formally attributed to

means of non-narcotic series [3, 5]. However, it is known that all

opioid analgesics created to date, to a greater or lesser extent

degree, have addictive properties, i.e. the ability to cause

addiction, and tramadol is no exception to this rule.

There are numerous empirical evidence supporting this.

point of view. So, being in a hospital, patients with opiomania are not only willing

take tramadol, but actively encourage the doctor to his appointment, as tramadol hcl 50 mg: the rule

motivating the request with strong pain. Indeed, in conjunction with

benzodiazepines tramadol quickly eases the condition of patients at the height of the syndrome

cancellation. However, in most cases, patients ask, and doctors prescribe tramadol

up to 2 weeks or more, which can hardly be considered justified, even in individuals

with high daily doses of the drug and long periods of anesthesia. Such a

Doctors have no “narcological suspicion of caution” towards tramadol,

from our point of view, due to scarcity in the available literature information

about the addictive properties of this drug.

To obtain the necessary clinical information and fill this gap,

we have undertaken the present study.

The study examined the clinical picture of mental and

behavioral disorders due to non-medical use

non-narcotic opioid analgesic tramadol in 24 patients. All patients

Tramadol hcl 50 mg: was diagnosed with this drug.

All patients were male. The age of patients with tramadol addiction

was 18–35 years old. The experience of non-medical consumption of various psychotropic and

intoxicants ranged from 2 to 10 years, including the experience

use of tramadol was equal to 2-3 years. tramadol hcl 50 mg :. Fourteen patients first

intoxicant, adopted with the aim of achieving euphoria, was called

hashish, four have inhalants, two have tramadol, and two have handicraft opiates

manufacturing, one – cyclodol and even one – ephedron. All patients on

the time of the survey used tramadol without a prescription

achieve euphoria.

Nine patients had a history of systematic use of opiates.

Their first intake of tramadol was due to an attempt to alleviate the condition.

cancellation, due to a break in the use of handicrafts made from

poppy straw. In the future, these patients switched to a systematic

use of tramadol tramadol hcl 50 mg:, although it allowed the occasional use of extracts from

poppy straw (about 1 time per month). In individuals addicted to artisanal opiates

manufacturing, dependence on tramadol was formed through the vicar stage

(substitution) anesthesia tramadol. The patients themselves said that

“Jumped off” (i.e., they stopped stopping narcosis of another opioid drug,

for example, heroin) using tramadol. All patients at the time of the survey

aware that they became addicted to tramadol, and the motive for seeking a doctor was

desire to stop using tramadol. Thus, there is

characteristic dynamics of the motives of the use of tramadol. First, the purpose of use

is the relief of opioid withdrawal syndrome, then a vicinal

anesthesia, finally, patients come to receive tramadol as the main

psychoactive substance causing euphoria.

All patients examined preferred tramadol capsules. Even the sick

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who practiced intravenous tramadol (sometimes in combination with

sibazon), usually used for the manufacture of injection solution

tramadol contained in capsules.

In order to achieve euphoria, patients usually consumed at one time from 2 to

10 capsules of tramadol (at 0.05). At the same time, the daily dose could reach 18-20

tramadol capsules (two observations).

The majority of interviewed patients who used tramadol, noted an increase in

mood, calm, a feeling of lightness. Some patients reported

sensation of increased activity, a surge of strength, energy.

Five patients were examined (upon admission to hospital) directly

intoxicated with 6–8 capsules of tramadol. Wherein

noted: motor and speech arousal, increased contact,

sociability, cheerfulness, talkativeness, mobility. The speech was fast, loud,

inconsistent, but coherent. However, the patients were synthns, enough

subtly caught the mood of the interlocutor, understood the jokes, reacted to them.

Strong gesticulation has taken place.

The following direct vegetative manifestations of tramadol were observed.

intoxication: facial hyperemia, lowering blood pressure on average up to 109 ± 5

mm Hg Art., slight tachycardia (up to 86 ± 8 beats per minute), decrease

reaction of pupils to light.

According to the patients, it is known that the systematic use of tramadol

accompanied by abdominal pain and constipation. Many patients, without detailing,

complained about the discomfort in the chest region, said that “it became bad with

heart. “

All patients reported that occasionally with the use of tramadol

also used other intoxicants: tranquilizers, drugs

hemp, homemade opiates. Especially often to enhance

the narcotic effect of tramadol was combined with tranquilizers

benzodiazepine series.

Persons who use mainly tramadol, noted the growth of tolerance:

from two to three capsules of tramadol per day (at 0.05) at the beginning of anesthesia, to

twenty such capsules per day at the time of inspection.

All patients examined with the inability to use tramadol noted

mental discomfort, low mood, feeling of internal tension,

anxiety, irritability, conflict, aggressive behavior

relation to relatives. Attraction to the drug is usually worn obsessional

character (according to I. N. Pyatnitskaya, 1975) [4]. With systematic

abuse of tramadol for a period of three to four months has formed a typical

withdrawal syndrome Its main features were vegetative manifestations:

sweating, chills, feeling of “goosebumps, running on the skin”, moderate tachycardia

(heart rate up to 90 per minute), finger tremor, total

malaise, “muscular discomfort”, inability to find a comfortable posture.

There have been sleep disorders. Duration of the period of somato-vegetative

disorders in the state of withdrawal was tramadol hcl: from 5 to 7 days. The longest

emotional disturbances persisted in the form of a feeling of internal tension,

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anxiety, irritability, conflict.

The systematic use of tramadol is accompanied by characteristic

behavior changes. Some of the examined patients admitted to theft.

money from relatives and in the sale of things taken out of the house for the purpose of acquiring

tramadol, which is usually immediately used for the purpose of intoxication. In others

cases of such behavior of patients became known from the words of their

relatives who, moreover, noted negative changes in the character

the sick. According to the observations of relatives, as the dependence on

tramadol, patients became increasingly tactless, rude and prone to

lies Thus, it can be concluded that with tramadol hcl: the use of tramadol is observed

personality regression typical for all addicts is known in the literature under

the name of Broytigam syndrome (W. Brautigam) [1].

It should also be noted what is happening under the influence of the use of tramadol.

sharpening of premorbid psychological features characteristic of individuals

predisposed to the diseases of the narcological profile [2].

Patients with an established dependence on tramadol are often practiced.

episodic use of other opiates, primarily various extracts from

hand-made poppy straws. Only a small part can

to diagnose tramadol toxicomania in its pure form (only three patients

categorically denied the use of other opiates). Must be emphasized

that patients who in the past have repeatedly suffered from the withdrawal of other

opioids, comparing it with the state of abolition of tramadol, noted their


Along with common features during opioid withdrawal syndrome, when consumed

tramadol noted a number of differences. So, the speed of development and intensity

somato-vegetative manifestations of withdrawal syndrome in tramadol users,

objectively lower than in patients who used hand-made preparations

opium. In addition, in individuals who have used tramadol, in the state of its abolition

there was no diarrhea, so characteristic of opioid withdrawal syndrome. Despite

According to the estimates of the majority of members of the examined group of patients, with

dose equivalence and comparability of the anesthesia experience, the duration and

the subjective severity of the tramadol withdrawal state was greater than under the condition

cancellation of other opioids.

Studies have led to the following conclusions.

Tramadol has a significant addictive potential, which is necessary

consider when using tramadol to relieve pain in

structure of opioid withdrawal syndrome.

The resulting mental and non-medical use of tramadol

behavioral disorders are very similar to disorders caused by

other opioids (F11 disorders according to ICD-10).

The only indication for the use of tramadol in people with addiction to

opiates can be pains in muscles and / or joints that are not arrested by others

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The time of application of tramadol tramadol hcl: in the hospital, in people with opioid addiction,

should be strictly limited to the duration of pain.

The adaptive technique of therapy providing steady

reducing doses of tramadol as the severity of pain decreases, while

the maximum dose applied should not be higher than the maximum


At least two to three days before discharge the patient from the hospital tramadol

must be canceled to ensure there are no manifestations of the cancellation state



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