Tramadol And Tylenol: Tramadol or Brain Burning Out

Tramadol And Tylenol: Tramadol or Brain Burning Out


Tramadol And Tylenol: Tramadol or Brain Burning Out

Tramadol or “Tramych”brain scorching – Kramatorsk.INFO

Sometimes in order to, as they say, “see the topic”, just look at yourself under your feet. Since July, the 100-meter section of Voznesensky Street, stretching, on the one hand, along the fence of the children’s rehabilitation center (urban…

Sometimes in order to, as they say, “see the topic”, just look at yourself under your feet. Since July, the 100-meter section of Voznesensky Street, stretching, on the one hand, along the fence of the children’s rehabilitation center (city shelter), and on the other – along the trauma department of the city hospital number 3, was literally strewn with empty packages from under what medical drug. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that “petals” written one word: “Tramadol”.


Tramadol, tramalgin, tramal is a synthetic potent opioid analgesic that is used in medical practice to relieve pain in postoperative and oncological patients. The drug itself does not eliminate the cause.

pain and does not cure the disease, and, acting on the brain, only relieves pain for a while. The maximum daily dose is 400 mg, that is, no more than 8 capsules, for children – at the rate of 1-2 mg per 1 kg of body weight, that is, up to 3 capsules per day. Side effects: dizziness, feeling of heaviness in the head, fatigue, confusion, dry mouth, nausea, increased sweating, palpitations, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension, collapse.

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Tramadol, tramalgin, tramal – almost freely sold (until recently) in the pharmacy chains of medical preparations, for which only in the Donetsk region “hooked”, according to the Oblast Dispensary, from 30 to 40 thousand (!) young people, and their number is growing exponentially. The chief doctor of the Donetsk Oblast Oblast Drug Dispensary, Elena Medvedeva, notes that the number of drug addicts who use tramadol came out in the Donetsk region in second place after the users of opium drugs. It is proved that the action of tramadol is akin to heroin, and no wonder he is called the younger brother of this hard drug. Dependence on tramadol is akin, and even worse than heroin. Especially quickly, literally after several tricks, addiction develops in 14-16 year old adolescents. Implications for the body – degradation, “scorched” brains, debilizatsiya and – death. To "get high", enough 6 tablets.

We go on “the hunt”

At the end of July, newspaper staff “Hello” decided to go to Voznesensky street with cellophane bags in their hands. Bottom line: in just 15 minutes of examining the territory along the city shelter and the trauma department of city hospital No. 3, we managed to collect 59 empty packages from under the drug “Tramadol”.

Question: what can 59 packages found on a 100-meter stretch of a quiet street judge? The answer options that immediately come to mind are two. The first – “Tramadol” actively used by pupils of the city shelter. The second – somewhere in the district the drugstore is actively trading in drugs, the good thing is that there are plenty of them on the territory of nearby hospitals. Recounting and photographing a pile of found “petals”, we went to ask questions.

It was easier to discuss the topic with the pupils of the children’s rehabilitation center (shelter). Almost all of them, with whom we managed to talk to our correspondent, willingly shared not only the impressions of tramadol intake, but also the prices, as well as specific addresses where you can freely purchase the drug. It turned out that, having a doctor’s prescription, tramadol packaging can be purchased for 15 hryvnias, and with an illegal purchase the price reaches 24 hryvnias. According to the young “tramadolischikov”, in Kramatorsk drug trade “from under the floor” pharmacies in the old part of the city and in the neighborhood “Azure”. But the most popular way to buy a drug is a trip to the well-known to all merchants. Pupils of the orphanage confidently named the address of this person (by the way, who lives near the rehabilitation center).

A visit to the leadership of the shelter was predictable by reaction. The head of the rehabilitation center, Lyubov Yermak, categorically stated that during the entire existence of the shelter, there was not a single case of admission by pupils. “Tramadola” and other drugs. “Children here, of course, do not simple, but with the slightest signs of addiction to drug addiction and substance abuse, they are sent to specialized medical institutions”, – said Love Ermak. As for the results of the private communication of the correspondent with the pupils of the orphanage, first the head threatened the newspaper with legal prosecution, and then explained that everything we heard was nothing more than the fruit of children’s fantasies. Say, this kind of stories about personal “experience”, pupils are trying to assert themselves among their peers, to show their “maturity” and autonomy. According to Lyubov Yermak, the rehabilitation center has a full-time health worker who constantly monitors the health of the pupils. As for the 59 packs from under “Tramadola”found us literally within a radius of 15–20 meters at the central entrance to the shelter, the manager expressed skepticism: “Well, you never know where you could find them…”

The next day a package with found “petals” from under “Tramadola” lay down on the table in front of the head of Kramatorsk GO UMVD Oleg Solodun. A few minutes later, the contents of the package were carefully studied by the employees of the Division for combating drug trafficking (OBNON). After listening to our story, blame the newspaper people for “fantasies” they did not, but promised to sort things out. About how serious this promise was, I had to make sure the very next day. Performing the editorial assignment, newspaper employee “Hello” walked through all the pharmacies located in the city hospital number 3 and DTMO, trying to buy “Tramadol”. Not only that in all pharmacies to the request to sell “Tramadol” no recipe was obtained solid “not”, in one of the pharmacies, the journalist at the pharmacy counter saw already familiar OBNON employees, who clearly “shmonali” outlet documentation…

What is the problem?

Why is it so obvious poison so accessible? Where is the Ministry of Health? It turned out that not everything is so simple. At first “Tramadol” tried to use in the treatment of drug addicts in the period of abstinence, when trying to “jump off the needle” the patient experienced severe muscle pain when breaking. However, the effect of "saving" painkiller has led to unexpected and terrible consequences. The tactics of using the officially authorized means turned into what is called "wedge knock out", that is, unaccustomed, for example, from opium "shirki" patients delightedly sat down on "tram". The insidiousness of this substitution lies in the fact that the use of seemingly innocent capsules creates the illusion of treatment for a more severe form of drug addiction. Addiction to the drug and its dependence on it, as it turned out, follows the same terrible pattern as it does to any other psychotropic substance. The result is amazing. Term set “Tramadol” in the Internet search engine immediately gave a lot of links, including forums, where “tramadolschiki” share personal “impressions”. Here are some excerpts.

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"Believe me, seasoned tramaeda, this rubbish will not lead to anything good. On “tram” you sit down gradually, my experience is 3 years, I just now began to eat it almost every day, before that I had to eat haval strictly once a week. Now I feel that I am going to the bottom, but I can’t do anything with myself. It feels like I still can’t sit completely on the tram, but this is an illusion …”

"Yes, “Tramadol” – this is just the plague of our city, it can be maximized in an hour. And if a baryg, so no more than 20 minutes, and the treasured pack in your pocket. I’ve been eating it for probably 3 years already, and I started with 3 pieces once a month, then once a week, once a day. Well, it is probably the case with everyone, and did not notice how tramadol and tylenol got hooked: on him. Hawala no less packs at a time. It is good that I was able to blow up in time, while some brains remained, and slowly got down from him. It was hard, but now I feel fine without him…”

“Dependence “Tramadola” no lighter and no weaker than shirki !!! I felt it myself !! This is a scary thing! Young people think: "Tramadol” it’s not prick, it’s not shirka and not heroin, it’s not so scary". But this is where all the horror lies! It would seem that you are not picking your hands, and you take out things from the house, gold, money, equipment, because “kumara !!!”

The fight against the use of tramadol for the purpose of narcotic stupefaction until recently was more like a shadowboxing. All those who were directly involved in this ungrateful occupation understood that the legislative framework was clearly long ago behind the realities of life. Loopholes in the law to the fullest used by the distributors “medication”, profiting from a terrible dependence of consumers on the drug. Day and night, seven chemical holdings of Ukraine produce in unimaginable volumes this “pure chemistry”. For example, the wholesale price “left” products at the concern “Styrene” is 4.5 hryvnia per package, and in Kramatorsk the same package is already sold for 20 hryvnia. A relatively cheap and easily accessible drug already tramadol and tylenol: reaping the first victims in our city. The chief physician of the narcological dispensary, Alexander Kuzminsky, confirmed that dependent on “Tramadola” patients are already registered in Kramatorsk.


The first noise about this came up a couple of years ago in Donetsk, and a significant role was played by the journalists of the newspaper. “Donetsk news”. AND… faced with the strongest opposition. Journalists were threatened, demanding, as they say, “close topic”, and some of these subscribers did not hesitate to introduce themselves, naming very, very high positions. We don’t have to think too much about the reasons for this opposition: “Tramadol” serves sources of rabid profits. And only from the beginning of this year concern “Styrene” exceeded the release rate “Tramala” and “Tramadola” nine times! The last figure voiced during the recent civil “antiramadol” protest action “Izbrydlo!” in Donetsk, the authorized representative for human rights in the Donetsk region of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, Archbishop Sergey (Yakovlev). Politicians did not stand aside. First Party Congress "People’s Union Our Ukraine" conveyed to the Minister of Health Protection Nikolay Polishchuk a statement of the Donetsk regional party organization regarding the illegal distribution of drugs "Tramadol" ("Tramalgin"). And the leader of the regional NSNU, Anton Klimenko, has publicly promised that if the appeal of the party does not work and the situation does not change, he will resign from the head of the regional branch of the organization. Finally, the relevant public request was personally handed over to the President of Ukraine during his last visit to Donetsk, Viktor Yushchenko.

The case slowly began to move. Entered into force on July 31, Ministry of Health Order No. 360, dated July 19. 2005 changed the status of the drug and the order of its tramadol and tylenol: leave in pharmacies. Now “Tramadol” released on special prescription forms F-3. This means that, in addition to the attending physician, the prescription is now also signed by the head of the medical institution or his deputy for medical work, the document is certified by the seal of the business entity. In addition, the duration of the prescription is limited to only 5 days, and it cannot be indicated other drugs. All recipes on “Tramadol” they are registered in a special register of poisonous and potent drugs subject to quantitative accounting in medical institutions. And if you officially buy tramadol will be more difficult, and sell –

more risky, the baryg distributors will stop only the Criminal Code.

Vartanians – Stop!

Hitting a sledgehammer on the tire, training with a sledgehammer

Let’s return to Kramatorsk, to our package of packs from under “Tramadola”. In the criminal chain, according to the head of the department for combating drug trafficking Vitaly Skoblyakov, not only were involved “hucksters”, but also doctors, and pharmacy workers. True, some pharmacies of the city basically do not want to get involved with this drug, knowing full well what is fraught with for the staff, especially at night. So, the pharmacy network “Galis”according to its director Leonid Gabinsky, he does not trade in treacherous poison-containing “medication”so as not to lure unwanted clientele. In pharmacies network “Pharmacy”According to the information of commercial director Anna Tsikalyuk, the drug is sold under strict control and only by prescription.

On August 9, citizen G., 30 years old, was detained on Karpinsky Street in the area of ​​Hospital No. 3, and 20 packs of the drug were found and removed during personal examination. The detainee, himself addicted to the drug, said that the drug was purchased in one of the pharmacies in the city for the purpose of resale and profit. Earlier, Mr .. was engaged in marketing the drug in the Old Town in the area of ​​Oktyabrsky Avenue. And earlier, in March 2005, in the Old tramadol and tylenol: a city in a cafe “The light” another trailer was arrested – Arthur Vartanyan. Thereafter “point” for sale “Tramadola”, indeed, migrated to the area of ​​the hospital campus and orphanage. Vartanyan has already received his 5 years, and the investigation is underway in the case of citizen G.

Happy end? As if not so. The area around the shelter, which is cleared from the pill “petals” journalists remain pristine clean. Across the road, along the fence of the hospital campus, empty tramadol packs appeared again. Vartanians and “citizens G.” continue their business.

Parents note

Signs of what your child is taking “Tramadol”: an inexplicable feeling of euphoria, the need for solitude, sharply constricted pupils, itchy skin of the face and body. These are the first signs of drug intoxication. Further, this state is replaced by animation, talkativeness with increased gesticulation and facial expressions. Speech and coordination of movements, as a rule, are not disturbed. If you have noticed such symptoms in your child, sound the alarm and seek help from a specialist. Do not bring to epilepsy attacks. Behind them is certain death.

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